CitizenDual | A print-on-demand Etsy gift store with a focus on celebrating dual (and multiple) citizenship status, with more ideas on the way.

Quotations | A searchable collection of my favorite quotations spanning the various phases of my life: teaching, athletics, coaching, design, research, leadership, and more.

Sourdough | In 2020, I began making sourdough bread to help cope with a COVID routine. I learned a lot about bread, food chemistry, and perseverance.

Gordon Baker DFC | An online tribute to an old friend. Gordon's stories of being a WWII RAF Lancaster bomber pilot are endearing, sobering, and a lesson in humility for us all.

Hot Glass, Cool Design | A collaboration with my Intuit colleague and friend, PJ Nidecker, that saw us visit a glass-blowing artisan to discuss design process and craft.

Team Ocean | A volunteer program in Monterey Bay, CA that let me paddle my ocean kayak, babysit sea otters, and educate the public about that marine enviroment.

Design Tradeoffs Quiz

Identify the important criteria for your project




Design Tradeoffs Quiz| A fun interaction that nicely illustrates the challenge of prioritization in product development. View source on Github

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